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With brisk-walking pedestrians, boisterous buses, and loud, attention-commanding traffic officers, you are sure to feel the city's buzz.

Although these geographers were about 250 meters off the mark of the equator in 1736, it was an incredible accomplishment at the time.

The monument is complete with a yellow painted line to indicate what they thought was the exact equator.

These forests are known for their moist, foggy environments with low-level cloud covers that usually spread out at the canopy level.

The forest is inhabited with over 450 different bird species, so many visitors who flock to Mindo do so to bird watch.

In 2008 voters approved a referendum on a new constitution, which became effective in October of that year, although many of its provisions continued to be implemented.

In April 2009 voters reelected Rafael Correa for his second presidential term and chose members of the National Assembly in elections that were considered generally free and fair. The following human rights problems continued: isolated unlawful killings and use of excessive force by security forces, sometimes with impunity; poor prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; corruption and other abuses by security forces; a high number of pretrial detainees; and corruption and denial of due process within the judicial system.

RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS Section 1 Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom From: a.

Arbitrary or Unlawful Deprivation of Life The government or its agents did not commit any politically motivated killings; however, there continued to be credible reports that security forces used excessive force and committed isolated unlawful killings.

For all you history buffs, the largest monument, at 30 meters high, was built to honor and celebrate the first French Geodesic Mission.

This mission sought to measure the roundness of the Earth and the length of a degree of latitude at the Equator.

The city's history, from pre-Colombian times to sovereignty, is well documented throughout the city, in the architecture, museums and monuments.