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The 30C credit is a technology-neutral incentive for consumer and business investment in infrastructure to support vehicles that run on alternatives to oil.

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Both of these provisions were also included in the Senate Finance Committee-passed tax extenders bill.

Section 402 - Extends the 30C Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property credit through 2013, retroactive to the 2011 expiration of the credit.

Section 403 - Modifies the 30D electric vehicle credit to include the purchase of two-or-three wheeled plug-in electric vehicles.

Previously, a tax credit for the purchase of electric motorcycles were contained in Section 30.

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For the personal credit of $1,000, if it is NOT used in the year in which the equipment is installed, it is LOST, no carryback, carryover, or tax refunds or rebates. Question: Can only taxable entities apply for the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property federal tax credit (excluding municipalities, non-profits, and other non-taxable entities)? However, non-taxable entities can negotiate with a partner/vendor, if the vendor qualifies for the tax credit.