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He can say “No, not cool,’ and help them get home safe.

I told my sons about a program I saw on sexual abuse education currently being used with footballers.

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They’ll be wearing tee shirts that read ‘YOU‘RE NOT ALLOWED TO RAPE SLUTS EITHER’. He grew up watching his father abuse, diminish, degrade and undermine women he loved. (Noted there is a disproportionate amount of them in the NRL, AFL and the Catholic Church.) Perhaps the propagation of this myth is to excuse the behaviour of a few, to lower the standards for all and set everyone’s expectations to Neanderthal. If you understand and would like others to understand that if a woman is labelled as a ‘slut’ (a term open to debate) by her behaviour or attire the moron majority consider it as a fair reason to blame her for being raped or sexually assaulted then come to or support Slutwalk. There are well-meaning moron apologists on the comment threads of Slutwalk articles saying, “I don’t agree with rape and sexual abuse. Clementine Ford has written an upcoming piece subtly pointing out how mainstream Australia is comfortable saying these things but for Sheik Al Hilay to talk about women being like uncovered meat left out for the cat and not being the cat’s fault for eating it but the meat for being uncovered well that’s outrageous. If someone driving a brand new BMW has their car stolen why do we never hear, ‘They were asking for it’? ‘Oh he was asking for it flaunting his money and withdrawing in a back street after dark.’And yes I know you can’t find logic from something that has not come from logic but there seems to be no victim of rape or sexual assault whose circumstances, behaviour or attire cannot be found as ‘sluttish’ and therefore ‘asking for it’.

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Particularly the stunning difference in reaction when the players were shown a clip of a woman waking up next to a man she had had sex with the night before after a drunken night to the players reaction to a clip of a man waking up next to a man he had had sex with the night before after a drunken night.