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This Jersey City Indians is exclusively for Indians, Indian Americans and Indian origin Americans living in Jersey City, New Jersey area.

Learn more 3 NJNY Desi Girls Indians in New Jersey & New York Meetup groups invite you to join our Summer Meetup Meet&Greet, Social Hour, Dinner, and Fun Activities Meetup at: Water Front, Exchange...

Geographical groups for Indians living in New Jersey & New York: • Indians in New Jersey & New York • Indians in New York City • Indians in Jersey City • Indians in Central New Jersey & Edison • Indians in Princeton • Indians in Queens& Long Island • Indians in Philly& PA • Indians in Pittsburgh • Indians in Kansas City • Indians in Connecticut Population Specific Groups for Indians Living in New Jersey & New York : • Desi Girls in NJ&NY • Desi Moms in N J&NY • Desi Boyz NJNY • Desi Singles in NJ&NY • 30 Single Ladies • 40 Singles in NJ NY • Desi School Parents in NJ NY • Dependent Visa Holders in NJ NY • Indian Students in NJ NY • Seniors and Desi Parents • Seriously4 Shaadi • Desi School Parents Special Interest Groups for Indians living in New Jersey & New York: • Jobs Talk NJ NY(2 Groups) • Non IT Jobs Talk • Visa & Immigration Talks • Desi Meetups • Smart Shoppers • Desi Trade & Sales • Desi Karaoke Singers • NRIs Community Work • Desi Political Talk • Wellness& Fitness Talk • Beauty & Fashion • Desi Room Mates • Visa and Immigration Talks • Recipes & Cooking • Desi 21 Adult Talk • PMP Study Group • Photography Lovers • Internship • Car Pool • Freelancers • MBA Talk Regional Linguistic Groups for Indians living in New Jersey & New York: • Gujarati Friends in NJ&NY • Hindi Chat • Punjabi Friends in NJ&NY • Tamil Friends in NJ&NY • Kannada Friends in NJ&NY • Telugu Friends in NJ&NY • Mallu Friends in NJ&NY • Bengali Friends in NJ&NY • Oriya Friends in NJ& NY To join our Whatsapp Groups please send a whatsapp message to Phone # 973-692-5232Most Happening Whatsapp Groups: *Indians Living in NJ& NY (3 Groups) * Indians in New York City * Indians in Jersey City * Indians in Edison and Central NJ * Desi Girls in NJ& NY * Desi Moms in NJ &NY * Desi Singles in NJ&NY * Desi Boyz in NJ&NY * Desi Trade Talk * JOBS 4 Indians in NJ&NY * NRIs 4 Community Service * 21 Desi Adult Talk INDIANS IN NJ&NY FACEBOOK GROUP: Connect with more than 10000 Indians living in NJ& NY area via our Facebook Group.

Indians Living In New York and New Jersey FB Group Join our Meet up and invite all your Desi Indian friends also to join us.

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