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But we follow the course carefully, says Kim Kliver BBC News Problem for the Danish management In biker suggests DR News sources, however, that the division has a negative impact on the management of the Bandidos in Denmark.

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In time for two months It may seem preposterous that it is the original club who have changed the logo.

But according to DR News sources, because it is a recognition that it would be almost impossible and certainly very bloody to travel all around the world and try to tinker rygmærkerne of the thousands of bikers who are in "Eastern Hemisphere".

At Bandidos in Denmark have not much to add: - This is an internal Bandidos matter and not something we would comment on, says Michael Rosenvold from club management.

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Meaning in Denmark It's hard to say anything definite about what the international sharing means for the bikers in Denmark and the ongoing gang conflict.

But it comes at a critical time: Right now Bandidos and their old rivals the Hells Angels are in a series of clashes in several places in the country - especially in Esbjerg.

It is our assessment that the split happened because Bandidos internally have acknowledged that they can not control the world club centrally.

Therefore, We made a regional breakdown, says Kim Kliver who as head of the National Police National Investigation Centre (NEC), continually monitors rockers throughout Denmark.

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