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Animall vs gay oldman

When I entered gay life at a very young age, I saw adventure, skin hunger, and plenty of lust, but very few successful relationships. Romantic love requires the illusion of exclusivity in order to thrive, the willingness of two people to act as if they only have eyes for each other, at least when they're together. Maybe we couldn't be that way long-term, I started to think.

Robin Williams says that God gave men both a penis and a brain, but not enough blood supply to run both at the same time.

Our bi-hemispheric brains are, in fact, running different hardware for different tasks.

When my father found out, he disappeared, and this left me with the unshakable sense that sexual freedom could ruin an otherwise happy life.

Our erotic natures endowed us with enormous pleasure but also cursed us to follow them wherever they led, even if it was off a cliff.

I know a psychotherapist with intimacy issues who gorges on anonymous sex.

I met a judgmental, straitlaced Tea Party couple who host gang bangs in Guadalajara, a cancer doctor who does porn films anonymously on the Internet, a yoga instructor who gives blow jobs in the Rambles, and a philosophy professor who can't seem to stop himself from seducing his undergraduate boy students.

If you have ever tried talking yourself out of something you crave, you know that this is true.

In fact, studies show that our reasoning abilities decline in proportion to our passion.

How many of you have ever done something in bed that you would not want your mother to know about? Ever since the 18th century, when a French anatomist named Meinard Simon du Pui declared us "" due to our two-sided brains, we have understood that humans are "not one but two." We are divided creatures balancing impulses ranging from the saintly to the bestial, starting with our sex lives.

Germans say that when the penis gets hard, the brain goes soft.

What people say they will do in a cold state fails miserably in predicting the influence of arousal on things like sexual preferences, morality, and safe sex.