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Australia beautiful girls whatsapp numbers

In addition, APRA outlined the genres where women are under-represented and over-represented. If a song you wrote gets played on triple j, for example, you’ll get royalties - collected and paid out by APRA.

set out to get a clearer understanding of how women work, perform, get recognised and get airplay in the music industry today. How many women are getting paid for their music in Australia?

What kind of artists are getting the most love on festival lineups?

"I think managers, agents, everyone has a role to play in this issue.

Out of the APRA awards, ARIAs and J awards in 2015, APRA nominations were the most evenly-split between male and female artists, with 46% of nominations going to female solo artists or acts with at least one woman.

As far as streaming goes, the stats are worse: Spotify Australia told that there’s only 21 female artists in the top 100 most-streamed songs in Australia, and none of them are in the top 10.

triple j’s three stations - triple j, Double J and Unearthed - play a big role for Australian music, as they're the only national music broadcaster for a young audience.

Twenty-four of those were by solo female artists, bands with a permanent female frontwoman or acts where at least half of its members are women.