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From a development perspective, are you looking for anything specific to fill your curriclum needs that I can keep in mind?

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I’ve been teaching for 19 years, but only doing this program for the past 2 years.

I am just curious on how you implement science kits on your grade level.

The pictures were then placed in a booklet and students were placed in groups, along with a parent leader, to go on a scavengar hunt throughout the school to find the items, taking the exact picture using digital cameras.

In addition to its purpose as a meeting place, the site features updates on cutting-edge educational resources and grant opportunities, and allows opportunities for you and your students to publish and share fresh ideas with one another in a safe and monitored environment by a National Board Certified Teacher and a company specializing in science and math curriculum.

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My 4th grade kits are: STC electric circuits, STC land and water, STC animal studies, and I will be teaching a FOSS kit (human body) for the first time this year.