Start Brandy cannon dating nick

Brandy cannon dating nick

The multi-talented entertainer stopped by The Breakfast Club on Thursday to talk about his R&B mix tape, titled "The Gospel of Ike Turn Up, My Side of The Story", which is out now.

He also doesn't want Mariah to marry her fiance, James Packer.

Our sources say Mariah is frustrated and not flattered at all.

The couple separated in August 2014 and Nick filed in December of that year.

As we reported, in December 2014 Nick and Mariah struck a property settlement agreement and they agreed to joint custody.

He remains on good terms with Mariah Carey, though says they are on a need to know basis. He revealed he's not currenty looking for a relationship because he's taking some time to work on himself. He was rocking a diamond studded turban in the studio, which he started doing after learning about The Moors.

One of the things Cannon is doing to work on himself is attending classes at Howard University in Washington, D. He follows the Moors teachings, as well as other religions like Islam.

He considers christianity his "first langue, but is fluent in many different spiritualities." Cannon takes the platform he's been given very seriously because "to who much is given, much is required." He uses his platform to "speak the truth" and spent time during election season to find out what matters to people.