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Croosdresser dating

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. if it was something they were ashamed of and were hiding... Now the reason I bring this up is because I met this guy in Jan. and he admitted that he is into this a little bit.. Geeze, I couldnt stop whispering naughty things to him. lol As long as the person is honest from the get go.

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But I think that everybody should dress and act the way they feel comfortable :)Yes you are one cool chick. I read your response and figured that you might have meant that you would not leave if you were already into a relationship with a CD.

You my dear show tolerance and understanding if not education for your comments. And you are right, most women are more hurt, upset and mad that he hid this from her then they are about his being a cross dresser.

The hardest part is self acceptance through education for those of us that are afflicted.

Some are very lucky to have wives and girlfriends that loved them enough to at least understand and accept this cultural difference.

Some of us may feel the same way about your tattoos, weird piercings in places other then your ears, but we try to accept and live and let live. But if she looked like a man, no thank you, I am not interested.