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Minuteman and Sons of Liberty member Paul Revere was among those who spread the news that the British Regulars (soldiers) were coming out from Boston.

Once they got there, they did not know which Indians to fight or why.

This feeble response served to encourage the Indians, and attacks increased on the settlers in the Connecticut Valley.

On September 7, 1643 the towns were given more tactical control.

Some towns in Massachusetts had a long history of designating a portion of their militia as minutemen, with "minute companies" constituting special units within the militia system whose members underwent additional training and held themselves ready to turn out rapidly for emergencies, "at a minute's notice" and hence their name.

The need for efficient minuteman companies was illustrated by the Powder Alarm of 1774.

Militia companies were called out to resist British troops, who were sent to capture ammunition stores.

In the following year, Massachusetts again put a force on the field in collaboration with Plymouth and Connecticut.