Start Dating a rescue swimmer

Dating a rescue swimmer

High seas, medevacs, downed aviators, sinking vessels, and even hurricanes are just a few of the deadly scenarios that Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers are trained to handle.

Today they're putting it all together to effect a multiple-survivors rescue." There is a grade sheet for each student, for each scenario.

The instructor in the water will debrief each student, reinforcing what went right and what needs improvement, and then assign a grade of one to four, with one being the highest. Adam Niznik, a supply officer aboard the Mayport-based cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG 58), graduated from the U. Naval Academy in 2007 and applied to the rescue swimmer school.

"I played football and rugby at the academy, so I like physical challenges - and this school is an extreme challenge.

Once stationed at a Coast Guard Air Station, Apprentice ASTs must complete 6 months of qualification on their respective airframe before moving on to finish their Rescue Swimmer syllabus and becoming Journeymen.

That means when I violate a procedure - I get yelled at.

And when somebody in our class messes up - I get yelled at.

At chow time, we tend to eat more protein and carbohydrates to keep our energy up.