Start Dating for people with chronic fatigue syndrome

Dating for people with chronic fatigue syndrome

Fibromyalgia is basically a sleep disorder associated with shortened, achy muscles that have multiple tender knots.

Even though a gland is underactive, a blood test can often (I believe mistakenly) suggest that the gland is technically normal, albeit in the low range (more on this in later chapters).

This is why patients are often told that their thyroid or adrenal glands are healthy when indeed they are not.

Hypothalamic dysfunction is common in chronic fatigue states. If the hypothalamus is suppressed, the individual will often have a subtle but disabling decrease in the functioning of several of these glands.

However, a person can experience fatigue and flulike symptoms from suppression of the adrenal glands alone.

Because of this, it is rare to have only one single underlying problem by the time a person seeks medical help.

To use an analogy, a person with a chronic fatigue state is like an automobile with a dead battery that short-circuited the starter.

If we only charge the battery, the car will not run.