Start Dating puertorican woman

Dating puertorican woman

Now Im 17-years old and am in a relationship with an 18-year old Puerto Rican guy.

Though I haven’t traveled abroad as much as some of my fellow writers I have still been able to have relationships of varying degrees with many different nationalities of women.

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We all are equal, we not better than anybody,,, you cannot choose a person because he or she is white,black ect......

is all about the person how he or she is, how they will treat you and respect you,,,, love have no color or barriers,,,,,but like I said he say I am tooo hot for him,,,, clean cook, and make love to the fullest,,, he was married to a white girl before and he say that she was not clean, she want to have sex every day,,,and and cook only burgers,, she gain weight,,,plus never cook or clean for him... he is in cloud 9: this is just an opinion, please don't get offended,,,, I am not saying all the same price posted, god blesss Stop hating, puertorrican we have good and bad in every race, please don't be so stereo type, I am puertorrican married to a morrocan who loves me and worship me and he say he hit the jackpot by marrying me, I am educated, family oriented, loving and caring, very attractive, and speak 5 language, he is 6" tall soooo good looking and he will preder me over a white, or even morrocan woman, that just his opinion, for me love does not have race or color.

My Father does not agree with me dating a guy of another race, let alone someone who is Puerto Rican.

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