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The great majority of the homes built in the late 1950s were a single-story Rambler ('Ranch' is preferred in the local vernacular) with three bedrooms (sometimes used as a configuration of two bedrooms and a den as the third bedroom was small), a kitchen with adjoining dining area, a living room, and a single bathroom. Some early homes in the development include Split-Level styles as well as L-shaped Ranch styles.

While individual owners were waiting for construction to be completed, they would often visit with the constructions crews and request special favors such as swapping kitchen cabinetry (deemed to be made of better hardwoods) from other incomplete homes. Radford had two daughters, named Nancy and Frances.

Nancy Drive and Nancy Circle were named after daughter, Nancy, while Frances Drive was named after Frances.

The neighborhood was developed with a single entrance on Shenandoah Avenue.

As the 1970s began, typically all-Caucasian neighborhoods bordering Cherry Hill, namely Wilmont Farms, Signal Hill, and the Westside Blvd.

Split level homes were faced in brick in combination with wood siding. Splanch-style homes are faced with mostly wood siding and some brick.

In the earliest beginnings of the neighborhood, Mr.

Roanoke City and the City of Salem never shared a common border until the annexation of 1976.