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Surveys from India and Africa indicate that 20-50% of all wells have dangerously high nitrate concentrations [4].

In developing countries, droughts and increased precipitation will increase the occurrence of water-borne diseases, and the presence of new micro-organisms will require treatment plants to undergo costly upgrades.

During rainy seasons, a mixture of rainwater and sewage could flood urban areas. (1996) Control of water pollution from agriculture – FAO irrigation and drainage paper 55 [online resource] 7.

In any case, water issues are likely to remain on the top of our to-do list for the foreseeable future.

* Southwest Minnesota State—13 * Ashland—13 * Gannon—13 * Indianapolis—11 * Shorter—9 * San Francisco State—9 * Shippensburg—9 * Findlay—9 * Belmont Abbey—6 * Cal Baptist—5 * Minnesota State-Moorhead—3 * King—3 Newman—3 * Colorado Mines—1 Ohio Valley—1 Seton Hill—1 Individual Rankings: 1.

Cities in arid regions often overexploit underground reservoirs, since these cannot renew quickly enough. O., Dudgeon, D., Prusevich, A., Green, P., Glidden, S., Bunn, S.

For example, the Great Libyan Man-made River which draws water from ancient aquifers under the Sahara and transports it to the coast has stopped the flow of many springs.

Their analysis shows that the economic capabilities of countries are crucial to ensuring water security – like climate change, it is thus a problem of geographic and economic inequality.

Developed countries are able to spend their way to water security while most of Africa and much of Asia have problems establishing fundamental water services [10]. Since most water is used for agriculture, it appears that a shift in production and consumption patterns is necessary to avoid a serious water crisis. I., Douglas, I., Revenga, C., Hale R., Grimm, N., Grönwall, J., and Fekete, B.

As shown by the points above, the issues of water quality and quantity are both vital and it cannot be generalised that one will be a greater problem than the other. (1999) Exploitation, conservation, preservation : a geographic perspective on natural resource use, 3rd edition, New York ; Chichester : John Wiley & Sons .

They are location-dependent and governed by the economic capacity of countries to respond to them. [10] have identified areas of threat to water security (Figure 2), which is a term incorporating issues of both water quality and quantity.

Neither will we be able to remedy pollution by simply diluting it with freshwater because many countries are already using water resources fully [6].