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Lapo elkaann dating with goga ashkenazi

Being an Italian entrepreneur Lapo Eduard Elkann shifted from the automobile industry to high end garment designing and retail. His mother is a Catholic Countess and his father is a Jew who was a professional writer.

Along with his designing house, he also customizes luxury vehicles like cars; bikes etc and believe that the business has great potential in near future.

He is trademarked by tattoos and a husky voice with bright bold colors clad on him.

Italian Fiat family heir Lapo Elkann dating the Shanghai female anchor Zhu Zhu sweet sensation before.

Lapo Elkann (born 1978) is a New York-born Italian industrialist, marketing manager and heir to the automaker Fiat.

He also works in collaboration with his sister GInevra Elkann for Good Films Production Company.

His office headquarters are in Corso Venezia, France.

Elkann is unmarried and is termed as the epitome of Italian Playboy.

He is always immaturely dressed and lives his life in style.

He was listed in the Hall of Fame and Best Dressed categories in 2009.

In 2013, Elkann listed his company in the Italian Stock Exchange.

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