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Married dating site myspace com

The average My Space user spends over two hours a month on the site.

With its infinitely customizable profile pages, like interactive headshots in some central-casting department of life, My Space has become essential to its users' notions of themselves and their tribes.

It is where they concoct alternative personas and download new friends, most of whom they know only online, like so many new MP3s or JPEGs.

In two years, My Space has become the most popular social-networking site on the Web, a virtual city of sex and youth culture, with its own celebrities, Casanovas, and con artists.

But My Space's most unlikely character may be its conservative new owner: Rupert Murdoch.

And even on My Space, a haven for shameless voluptuaries, Jackson stands out.

His profile page is plastered with photographs of him out on the town in a series of increasingly preposterous getups, like a walking outtake, accompanied by one busty woman after another—some of his 1,818 "friends." His name assaults you in an oversize pink-and-black font that could have been ripped from a Def Leppard album cover. He meets me at the door of Sutra clad in a designer camouflage-pants-and-jacket number, a handcuff awash in gold and bling on one wrist and a watch with a giant fake-gold dollar sign covering its face on the other.

And, before long, he is extolling My Space."I met half of these people on there," he says, waving an arm. She makes up for it with a general lack of fabric on her upper body.

"My Space is about the There's an unlimited supply of ass. "He dashes off, and returns a moment later with a towering blonde."I met her on My Space," he says, and winks. We'll call her Jennifer."She found on My Space," Jackson says.

Jennifer shakes my hand and says matter-of-factly, "I just want you to know I'm probably the only girl in here who hasn't fucked Jeremy yet."This is very possibly true. Next was a striking Romanian woman, and after her a more matronly catch, whom we'll call Chrissy."Chrissy is the one I was telling you about today—the ejaculator!

A few nights earlier, Jackson took me to the Shark Club, a nearby spot he also promotes, where a small army of women he'd bedded with the help of My Space were in attendance."I fucked this girl off My Space! " Indeed, earlier that day, Chrissy had called Jackson while he was trying on a pair of pink cowboy boots at a boutique in Hollywood. Part of the credit goes to Jackson himself: charming, unrepentant, he is impossible not to like, even when he's vulgar, which is often.

If the Web has rendered geography obsolete, as is often said, De Wolfe and Anderson have turned the telescope around. "Or like a nightclub."Indeed, the more popular it becomes, the more My Space exudes L. It is a Sunset Strip for virtual boulevardiers, a hall of mirrors for fame seekers, where the shy, the neurotic, and the desperately run-of-the-mill go to become exhibitionists and tarts.