Start Questions about dating violence

Questions about dating violence

Unfortunately, we also know that abuse can and does happen in teen relationships, which means we need to take it seriously.

The excuses are all about avoiding responsibility and putting the blame on the victim.

People using abuse don’t get abusive towards teachers, cops or parents, because they can get in trouble for that.

To explain it in the simplest way, abuse is happening when someone is trying to control another person by taking away their power (strengths). If people get abusive when they are drinking, then they shouldn’t drink around their partner.

In reality, there are a bunch of choices on how to intervene in any situation.

We should always think about our safety and the safety of the people around us.

For example if someone is using abusive language you could: These aren’t things we should just hope for.

But, if someone is experiencing abuse in other relationships, they can still use the information here because the issues are often similar.