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Mike O’Callahgan was one of the most hands on governors in modern Nevada history: 091611Rocha1 :19 modern Nevada history.” Rocha says O’Callaghan is the template for a hand’s on governor: 091611Rocha2 :22 Mike O’Callaghan, arguably.” CARSON CITY – A review of cash settlements paid by state agencies to employees and contractors shows no pattern of failure to bring large payments to the Board of Examiners for review and approval, Gov. The board, which also includes Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and Secretary of State Ross Miller, reviewed 12 pages of cash payments, most of which were unrelated to settlements with employees.

And as I said it is a time to be engaged, to be working side-by-side with local governments and local elected officials.” Many previous governors have opted to have their representatives serve on various panels, but Sandoval has gone the other way, choosing as well to serve as chairman of the newly constituted Board of Economic Development which will work to bring businesses and jobs to Nevada.

Sandoval said job creation and economic development was a campaign issue and a focus of his State of the State address and so serving as chairman of the new economic development board makes sense.

“I thought it was incumbent on me as the governor to personally serve as the chairman so that again I have a first-hand knowledge of what is happening with regard to our homeland security efforts in the state of Nevada,” he said.

Bob Fisher, president and CEO of the Nevada Broadcasters Association and a member of the commission, in August praised Sandoval’s decision to serve on the panel, calling it “the best thing to happen to homeland security in the state of Nevada.” Not everyone agrees.

Sandoval said there is one clear example of a settlement made by the Department of Transportation that should have come to the board for approval.

The payment to former NDOT employee Chris Sanseverino to settle three different matters in 2010 totaled $150,000, double the $75,000 amount required to be brought to the board for approval.

Rudy Malfabon, deputy director for NDOT in Southern Nevada, said there was an issue of confidentiality in the Sanseverino matter.

“Obviously the direction would be given to NDOT to bring those up to this board for approval in the future, he said.

“These are the times we’re in,” he said in an interview earlier this week.

“And I am absolutely committed to spending all the time it takes to serve the people of the state of Nevada.

He has also made it a point to attend Nevada National Guard deployments and the return of the troops from overseas at every opportunity. Retired state archivist and Carson City resident Guy Rocha said he has not been following Sandoval’s every move as governor, but noted that his style may be hearkening back to the late Gov.