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In fact, we couldn’t be bothered about organized sports at all.

This proved to be really, really easy to do — the adventurousness of our palate and utter disregard for gastrointestinal comfort were the only limits.

Our Lonely Planet guide provided an appetizing description of Wangfujing snack street, just off the main Wangfujing shopping drag, with its street vendors of skewers of various tasty meats, fruits and desserts. We walked around in the sweltering 36C (97F) heat, checking out all these skewers piled up on top of each other, without a whole lot of refrigeration in sight.

The oil is infused with four-alarm chili peppers and black peppercorns that make your mouth numb, or , ‘numb and spicy’, the hallmark of Sichuan cuisine. In any case, the fish was delectable, and we had the dish a few more times over the course of our visit.

For some strange reason, this Sichuan speciality, common as corn over there, is hard to come by in U. Note: your wimpy American innards will probably react violently to this lively concoction for the succeeding 2-3 days (the term comes to mind), but you should be fine after that. On a side note, over our travels, I found that eating the food nibble-by-nibble with chopsticks allowed us to appreciate and savor it better.

The authentic Korean food was downright edible, the seats were napworthy, and the flight attendants way cute.

As a reminder of our destination, we were sharing our flight with the Polish handball team.

Strange and borderline contraband delicacies abounded — abalone, giant whelk, shark’s fin soup, sea cucumber.