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Who is shia labouf dating

In June 2012 the Icelandic band Sigur Ros released a video starring La Beouf, in which he appeared naked.

Yesterday we reported that a man named Mario Licato got KTFO by a random guy for looking like Shia La Beouf which was sad and funny all at the same time.

Now Mario has spoken out in an interview with “It was a pretty long voicemail, he was like, ‘Hey, this is Shia La Beouf …

La Beouf has described his parents as "hippies", his father as "tough as nails and a different breed of man", and his upbringing as similar to a "hippy lifestyle", stating that his parents were "pretty weird people, but they loved me and I loved them." When La Beouf was 19, after a neighbor in his Studio City apartment complex had allegedly insulted his mother and rear-ended her car, La Beouf brought a knife, and a friend for backup, to the neighbor's apartment, which resulted in La Beouf being assaulted by the neighbor and six of the neighbor's friends. In 2005 he co-starred in Constantine, playing the role of Chas Kramer, with Keanu Reeves in the starring role.

La Beouf made his directorial debut with the short film Let's Love Hate with Lorenzo Eduardo.

He made his film debut in Holes, based on the novel of the same name by Louis Sachar. Jena Malone, David Morse, Jodie Foster, Geoffrey Blake, William Fichtner.

In 2004, he made his directorial debut with the short film Let's Love Hate and later directed a short film titled Maniac, starring American rappers Cage and Kid Cudi.

(You can see the rather unfortunate photos here.) The new couple were photographed canoodling out in Los Angeles on Dec. Goth and La Beouf bonded on-set after filming real life X-rated sex scenes for the film, which is enough to create forced intimacy in anyone. At the beginning of filming the new Lars Von Trier flick, La Beouf was dating stylist Karolyn Pho, but they split last month when Pho was not happy with her boyfriend boning his co-star for a paycheck.

After much speculation (much speculation being everyone just assumed La Beouf somehow winds up in the sack with his co-workers), Shia confirmed he is dating his ‘Nymphomaniac’ co-star Mia Goth by being seen in public with her.

He said that he would regain "probably about 80-something percent" use of his hand and, while he would be able to make a fist again, "there’s a knuckle [I will] never be able to move again." In the early morning of February 5, 2011, he was involved in an altercation with another patron at the Mad Bull's Tavern bar in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, which resulted in the actor getting punched in the face.

There he is, out of the corner of your eye, with blood on his face, lurking in the shadows, eating all of the bodies: “Actual cannibal, Shia La Beouf.” Please watch this, tab it, bookmark it, share it. He is practicing this active; take no prisoners, carpe diem, no shits given lifestyle.

La Beouf's mother is Jewish, and La Beouf's father, who is of Cajun (French) descent, is from a Christian background.